Forrest Thompson

DAVID FORREST THOMPSON, pitcher. Nickname, "Tommy." Uses name Forrest in preference to David. Born in Mooresville, N.C., in the year 1918 -- exact date unknown. Still resides in that North Carolina community. English descent. Parents born in United States.

Throws left, bats left. Hair brown, eyes blue-grey. Height 5' 11", weight 190.

Attended high school in Mooresville and lettered in baseball. Father is a farmer.

Thompson is another product of the American Legion ranks. Says he owes most in baseball to Jimmie Poole, who helped him all the time he was in high school. Poole also made it possible for Thompson to have a professional career.

Acquired from the Washington Senators for pitcher Lloyd Hittle in 1949. Finished the 1949 season with a 3.16 ERA and returned with the Oaks in 1950.

Baseball ambition, to get back in the majors. Off season occupation, textile worker. Hobby, hunting. Thompson says his greatest baseball thrill was striking out Jimmy Outlaw of Detroit in 1948, with the bases full and Washington leading by 2-1 with two out in the ninth.

Says the toughest thing in baseball is "to get that gosh-darned batter to hit the pitch you want him to hit.

Says he has no diamond superstitions.

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