Vince Di Maggio

Oakland Outfielder
Nickname, "Vince"
Weight--155 lbs
Throws right, bats right

Born Martinez, Calif., September 6, 1912. Italian descent–both parents born in Italy. Father is retired fisherman. Brother of celebrated "Joe" and "Dom" Di Maggio, who started in this league. Hobby, gardening. Sings–and good. Might have made grade in grand opera. Loves spaghetti and steaks. Wants to become a manager.

Professional Baseball Experience: 1932, Tucson, Arizona-Texan League, and San Francisco, P.C.L.; 1933, San Francisco and Hollywood, P.C.L.; 1934-35, Hollywood, P.C.L.; 1936, San Diego, P.C.L.; 1937-38, Boston, N.L.; 1939, Kansas City, American Assn.; 1940, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, N.L.; 1941-42-43-44, Pittsburgh, N.L.; 1945, Philadelphia, N.L.; 1946, Phaladelphia, New York, N.L. and San Francisco, P.C.L.

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