Ray Hamrick

Ray Hamrick
Oaks Shortstop

Fast and steady Ray Hamrick, 26, came to the Oaks from the Philadelphia Phillies in ‘46. He banged out 92 hits for the Acorns, for a .266 average in that year. He had his best season while shortstopping for Nashville in ‘43; socked 145 baseknocks for a .310 batting average. He was born in Nashville, Tenn. Now lives in Lynwood, Calif.

Handsome Ray, who can really go and get ‘em, started his professional baseball career in 1941 with the Georgia, Florida team, and shortstopped for Nashville, Charleston, Americus before going the the Phillies.

Ray is 5' 11", weighs 165, bats and throws right.

Click on the sounder below to hear Oaks' play-by-play broadcaster Bud Foster describe Ray Hamrick get a hit off of Seals' pitcher Cliff Melton

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