Ambrose (Bo) Palica

Ambrose Palica
Oaks Pitcher
Nickname "Bo"

Los Angeles-born AMBROSE (BO) PALICA, 27, is in his second season with the Acorns. He was with Baltimore in 44, where he won 14 games. His record shows 60 wins in his five years of play. He was in the Army during 45, and came to the Acorns in 46. Notched 5 victories against 3 setbacks in 46.

He learned baseball on the Los Angeles sandlots. Picks the Boston Red Sox and Brooklyn Dodgers to win major league pennants. His brother Erwin hurls for the Dodgers. Thinks Les Scarsella is the top Coast League player. Likes to fish.

(c)1997 William B. Shubb