San Francisco Examiner

This is how the Oaks' pennant victory was seen in the City across the Bay, as reported in the San Francisco Examiner on September 27, 1948

Seals Triumph Twice–to No Avail; Finish Second, Like Last Year

By Harry Borba

San Francisco's Seals took both games to make it five straight over Seattle yesterday. Yet they wound up a season marked by injuries and illnesses in second place–two games behind the hated Oakland Acorns.

It was the second time the Seals lost on the final day. Last year they tied Los Angeles, but lost a special playoff, 5-0.

The Seals battled twelve innings before winning the opener, 2-1, behind Cliff Melton. He beat Dickie Barrett and Charley Schanz in a game that left the 8,708 fans emotionslly exhausted.

The Seals know before the dreary battle was over that Oakland had won. Thus, they had no chance for a tie for the flag and a playoff.

This article goes on to describe how the Seals sent their "junior varsity" into the second game, and the details of that game, but as the headline so succinctly states, it was all to no avail anyway.

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