Henry (Cotton) Pippen

Henry Harold Pippen
Nickname "Cotton"
Height--6' 2"
Weight--187 Lbs.
Throws right, bats right

Texan HENRY PIPPEN, 34, came to the Oaks in 40. Had his best season in 43 when he chalked up 20 victories for the Acorns. He was in the service from 43 to 45. In 46 he won 14 and lost 11 for the Acorns. Tossed in the majors for Detroit, Philadelphia A's, and St. Louis Cardinals.

Nicknamed "Cotton" because of the color of his hair. Has light blond hair and blue eyes. Boyhood idol: Walter Johnson; present-day favorite: Ted Williams. Golfs, hunts during the off-season.

Born on April 2, 1912 in Cisco, Texas, made famous by the "Cisco Kid," of English-Irish descent, Cotton attended high school in Cisco, Texas, and three years at Texas A. And M. He won letters in baseball, football, basketball and track at both schools. His father is a rancher. Has the ambition to become a manager--likes sports clothes and "Texas Longhorn steaks."

Professional baseball experience: Beatrice, Nebraska State League, 1934-35; Houston, Texas League, 1936-37-38; Sacramento, Pacific Coast League, 1939; Athletics, American League, 1940; Detroit, American League; 1941-42-43-44; Oakland P.C.L., 1945; Armed Service, U.S., and Oakland, 1946.

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