Johnny Price

Johnny Price
Oaks Infielder

Johnny joined the Oaks in 1946 at the age of 30. He was with Milwaukee in 1945 and Columbus in 1944. Learned baseball on the Tennessee sandlots. His favorite baseball player is Eddie Miller. Believes Les Scarsella is the best player in the Coast League. His hobby is collecting snakes.

No, the picture on the right is not upside down. Johnny is known for bringing the fans into the park early with his amazing tricks. He can throw three balls to three different players at different positions at the same time, and hit a ball while hanging upside down from an apparatus. In the photo on the right he stands on his head while catching and throwing balls.

One of his most popular tricks is riding around the field in a jeep, or sometimes a Cadillac, shagging fungos in the outfield. Sometimes he even catches fly balls in his pants. Then when reaching into his pants to retrieve the ball he will bring out a snake instead.

Copyright 1999 William B. Shubb