Senators Catcher and First Baseman 1910
Jacques Fournier played his first season in the Pacific Coast League as a catcher for the Portland Beavers in 1909. He came to Sacramento the following year, where he played behind the plate, as well as at first base and in the outfield. He was then acquired by the Boston Red Sox and was subsequently purchased by the White Sox from the Red Sox in 1912.

Fournier presented Clarence "Pants" Rowland, and a half-dozen other managers, with a problem, because he proved time and time again, that he could simply not field a bunt with any degree of competence. Rowland solved that problem in 1916, a year after Fournier had led the league in slugging, by replacing him at first base with Jack Ness.

Fournier returned to the PCL to play at first base for Los Angeles in 1917, 1918, and 1919. He saw limited duty for the Yankees in 1918 before they passed him off to the Cardinals' organization. After leaving Los Angeles, Fournier returned to the majors, where he led National Leaague first basemen with 25 errors in 1920. After three productive years in St. Louis, Fournier was dealt to Brooklyn on February 15, 1923. He turned in a six-for-six performance on June 29 of that year, hit .351, and made a league-high 21 errors. In 1924 Fournier led the NL with 27 home runs, and in 1925 was second to Rogers Hornsby with 130 RBI. He ranks number 449 on the all-time list of home run leaders.


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