Solons Outfielder 1946 - 1952
Manager 1950
Joseph Anton Marty was born September 1, 1913, in Sacramento, California, and graduated from Christian Brothers High School. He played center field for the Chicago Cubs from 1937 to 1939 and the Philadelphia Phillies from 1939 to 1941. He was the first Chicago Cubs player to homer in a night game, which he did on July 1, 1938 while playing at Cincinnati. He drove in five of the nine runs in the Cubs' 1938 World Series loss to the New York Yankees.

He was a teammate of Joe DiMaggio when they played for the San Francisco Seals, and was the 1936 Pacific Coast League Batting Champion.

He left baseball in 1941 to join the military. After the War, returned to Sacramento to play for the Solons. He opened a popular restaurant on near the ball park on Broadway, which remains a Sacramento landmark.

Joe Marty died October 4, 1984 in Sacramento, California on October 4, 1984.


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