Solons Infielder - 1942, 1946-1948
Los Angeles native Stephan Mathias Mesner began his 16 year PCL career with the Los Angeles Angels in 1934. Playing primarily at third base, with stints at second and shortstop, he consistently batted over .300 in three consecutive seasons from 1935 through 1937, earning him a trip to the majors, where he played for the Chicago Cubs in 1938 and 1939. He came back to the Coast League to play for the Padres in 1940, before returning to the bigs to play for the Cardinals in 1941.

Steve then returned to the PCL to play for Sacramento. He was a part of the team that won the only league pennant for the Solons in 1942. His .301 average with 74 rbi's that season won him another trip to the majors where he played the next three seasons for the Cincinnati Reds in 1943, 1944, and 1945, consistently batting over .300. But his performance started to fall off toward of the 1945 season, and he returned to Sacramento the following year. He played for the Solons again in 1946, 1947, and the first part of 1948 before being traded to San Diego. After a season and a half for the Padres, he finished off his career at third base for the Portland Beavers in 1950.

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