Tom Hafey

Thomas Francis Hafey
Pitcher--Tom for short
Height--6' 2"
Weight--190 lbs.
Throws right, bats right

Tom, 32, became an Oak in 45. An ex-outfielder, he won 6, lost 8 in 46. Chased flies for the Browns in 44 and Giants in 39 in the majors. Likes basketball, hunting. Thinks its bad luck to step on a foul line.

Born in Berkeley, Calif, July 12, 1914, of Irish-German descent. Attended high school in Oakland, Calif. His father is a plasterer. Maybe that's where Tom learned to "plaster" the ball. He is related to "Bud" and "Chick" Hafey. (Uncle Chick was his boyhood idol.) Will Hafey is his brother. Tom struck out his first time at bat. He batted for a guy who had two strikes already called on him. Great home run hitter. Hit a homer in his first game with N.Y. Giants in 1939.

Professional experience: 1932-33-34, Missions, P.C.L.; 1935, Zanesville, Mid. Atlantic League; 1936, Norfold, Piedmont League; 1937, Binghampton, N.Y., Penn. League; 1938, Knoxville, Southern Association; 1939, Jersey City and N.Y. Giants; 1940, Atlanta, Southern Association; 1941, Baltimore, International League; 1942, San Antonio, Texas League; 1943, Out of game; 1944, St. Louis Browns and Oakland, P.C.L; 1945, Oakland, P.C.L.

1997 William B. Shubb