Oaks Multi-Media Presentations

Multi-Media Presentations:

  • CASEY AND THE NINE OLD MEN, a 27 minute video on the Oakland Oaks of 1948, produced and narrated by Bill Shubb, chronicling the years from 1946 to 1948 under Casey Stengel, and the 1948 pennant victory. This page also features a 25 minute trailer containing photos and biographical profiles of all the players on the 1948 team, plus a special 15 minute feature on the Oaks of the 1950's, entitled The Dressen Years.

  • A Look at the 1939 Oaks. Home movies from inside the Oaks dugout during a 1939 game. Click here! Also, a profile of one of that team's great players, Hugh Luby.

  • Jack Carrigan's home movie camera captures part of a ball game at Oaks Park in 1948. [BROADBAND] [DIAL UP]. Can you identify the batter?

  • NEWLY REDISCOVERED. Old movie footage of the pre-game festivities on Opening Day, 1918, with famous dancer Doraldina throwing out the first pitch to Pop Anson at the Oaks' ballpark. Check it out!

  • An Interview with the Coach. Listen to an interview of Oaks pitching coach John Babich by Charley Thompson.

  • Oakland Oaks vs. S.F. Seals. Listen to Oaks' broadcaster Bud Foster announce a half inning of play between the 1948 Oaks and the 1948 Seals.

  • Double Play! Martin to Hamrick to Etten. Bud Foster calls it.

  • The Saga of Ralph (Pine Tar) Buxton . . . as told by Bud Foster.

  • Recollections of George Metkovich, Nick Etten, and Jack Salveson, by Bud Foster and Bill Laws.

  • Casey Stengel gets the Key to the City of Oakland.

  • Casey Stengel Day, an 11 minute realtime extravaganza.

  • Programs from the Collection of Jean Krom:
    Satchel Paige's Eastern Stars vs. the 1948 Oakland All Stars.
    Santa Claus World Series, Nov. 7, 1948.


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