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The story of Casey Stengel and the Nine Old Men is now legend. A group of old-timers, led by a 58-year-old manager considered by many to be a has been, they were belittled and ridiculed by their big city rivals across the bay. Few but their staunchest supporters gave Casey Stengel's "Nine Old Men" any chance to win the championship which had eluded Oakland fans for 21 years. Yet, in that memorable 1948 season, this team without a single league leader in any category made baseball history.

The videos of that unforgettable achievement may be viewed by going to the Oaks' Photodex web site. Those videos contain a 30 minute documentary of the 1948 pennant victory, another 30 minute video containing profiles of each of the players on the 1948 Oaks team, and a third video documenting the Oaks' 1950 pennant victory under manager Charlie Dressen. We do regret that those may not be viewed on an Apple computer. You must use a PC and download the software. It is, however, well worth the effort.

In addition, the short video clip above, created by KPIX-TV, in San Francisco, documents the experience well. It contains priceless interviews with Oaks catcher Billy Raimondi and shortstop Dario Lodigiani. This video is taken from a 45 minute production entitled "Baseball by the Golden Gate," and is presented here by courtesy of the Young Broadcasting Company of San Francisco, which holds the copyright to the production. Enjoy it, and return to the Oakland Oaks homepage.