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See photos of all the 1948 PCL managers.

Oaks Managers
1903 - 1905 Pete Lohman
1905 - 1909 George Van Haltren
1909 Bill Reidy
1910 - 1911 Harry Wolverton
1912 Bayard "Bud" Sharpe
1913 Carl Mitze
1913 - 1914 Art Devlin
1914 - 1915 Tyler Christian
1915 - 1916 Rowdy Elliott
1916 - 1922 Del Howard
1923 - 1929 Ivon Howard
1930 - 1932 Carl Zamloch
1933 - 1934 Ray Brubaker
1934 Art Veltman
1935 Oscar Vitt
1936 - 1937 Bill Meyer
1938 Dutch Zwilling
1939 - 1943 Johnny Vergez
1944 - 1945 Dolph Camilli
1945 Billy Raimondi
1946 - 1948 Casey Stengel
1949 - 1950 Charlie Dressen
1951 - 1952 Mel Ott
1953 Augie Galan
1954 Charlie Dressen
1955 Lefty O'Doul

1946-48 Team Roster

Charles (Casey) Stengel, manager
John Babich, coach
Red Adams, trainer
Chuck Symonds, batboy
Pete Poncini, groundskeeper


Loyd Christopher, outfield
Mel (Diz) Duezabou, outfield
Brooks Holder, outfield
Max Marshall, outfield
Hershal Martin, outfield
George Metkovich, outfield
Charlie Metro, outfield
Eddie Murphy, outfield
Walt Pocekay, outfield
Mel Reeves, outfield
Donald (Snuffy) Smith, outfield
Frenchy Uhalt, outfield
Maurice Van Robays, outfield
Wally Westlake, outfield
Charlie Workman, outfield


Vic Buccola, first base
Mickey Burnett, shortstop
Merrill Combs, third base
Glen Crawford, infield
Nick Etten, first base
Ray Hamrick, shortstop
Bill Hart, third base
Roy Hughes, infield
Harry (Cookie) Lavagetto, third base
Gene Lillard, infield
Dario Lodigiani, second base
Billy Martin, third base
Johnny Price, infield
Tony Sabol, infield
Eddie Samcoff, second base
Les Scarsella, first base, outfield
Glen Stewart, second base


Ed Fernandes, catcher
Paul Gillespie, catcher
Ed Kearse, catcher
Ernie Lombardi, catcher
Billy Raimondi, catcher


Renaldo Ardizoia, pitcher
Jim Arnold, pitcher
George Babich, pitcher
Gene Bearden, pitcher
Ralph Buxton, pitcher
Joe Faria, pitcher
Charlie Gassaway, pitcher
Tom Hafey, pitcher
Will Hafey, pitcher, outfield
Damon Hayes, pitcher
Lloyd Hittle, pitcher
Earl Jones, pitcher
Bob Klinger, pitcher
Thornton Lee, pitcher
Hugh Mulcahy, pitcher
Henry (Cotton) Pippen, pitcher
Ambrose (Bo) Palica, pitcher
Jack Salveson, pitcher
Frank Shea, pitcher
Dewey Soriano, pitcher
Floyd Speer, pitcher
Bryan Stephens, pitcher
Jim Tobin, pitcher
Lou Tost, pitcher
Hy Vandenberg, pitcher
Les Webber, pitcher
Aldon Wilkie, pitcher

Bud Foster, announcer

Read what the newspapers had to say the following morning about the Pennant Victory!! Stories from the
The 27 minute documentary, CASEY AND THE NINE OLD MEN is now available for viewing on line. This is the definitive video presentation on the Oakland Oaks of 1948, chronicling the years from 1946 to 1948 under Casey Stengel, and the 1948 pennant victory. A 25 minute trailer featuring photos and biographical profiles of all the players on the 1948 team is also available for viewing HERE. In addition, a special 15 minute feature on the Oaks of the 1950's, entitled The Dressen Years may be viewed HERE.
Want More? Watch another video of the Nine Old Men.
Look at Casey's Line-Up Card in his own handwriting.
Casey Stengel gets the Key to the City of Oakland.
Visit the 1948 Oaks Spring Training Camp. Clippings and photos from the Scrapbook of Renny Gonzalez.
1948 Oaks Player Stats.
"As I remember it." -- Recollections by John Gilmore.
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View rare movie film of the 1946 Oaks at their Boyes Springs Training Camp.

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Multi-Media Presentations:

Programs from the Collection of Jean Krom:
Satchel Paige's Eastern Stars vs. the 1948 Oakland All Stars.
Santa Claus World Series, Nov. 7, 1948.

Pacific Coast League Standings, 1948

Oakland Acorns 11474---
San Francisco Seals 112 76 2
Los Angeles Angels 102 8612
Seattle Rainiers 93 9521
Portland Beavers 89 9925
Hollywood Stars 8410430
San Diego Padres 8310531
Sacramento Solons 7511339

Oaks Box Office Information
* Rose Brockway Nelson, Ticket Manager
Box Seats $1.75
General Admission $1.25
Ladies (Saturday only) $ .75
Students $ .75
Adult Bleachers $ .75
Student Bleachers $ .50
Children Bleachers $ .10
Phone reservations can be made any time before the day of the game. Call OLympic 2-7700. Reserved Box Seats must be picked up by 6:00 P.M. the day of the game. Sunday's must be picked up by 5:00 P.M. Saturday. Season reservations for any day of the week may be made by written request.

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The San Francisco Seals
. . . . . . . . . . meet the Oaks' rivals.

The Sacramento Solons
. . . . . . . . . . another formidable opponent.

The Oakland Oaks of the 1950's
. . . . . . . . . . a look forward.

Oaks Trivia Quiz: Two Oakland Oaks players will go on to manage the Oakland A's of the American League. One is Billy Martin. For the identity of the other one, click HERE.

One of the Oaks players on this page will go on to become President of the Pacific Coast League. To see which one, click HERE.

For more information about the Oaks players and the other Pacific Coast League teams, read The Grand Minor League by Dick Dobbins.

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