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How was the Oaks' pennant victory reported in the hometown paper of the team the Acorns defeated and which ended the season in the cellar? The front page of THE SACRAMENTO BEE of Monday, September 27, 1948 displayed a photo of Solons Manager Joe Orengo under the headline "New Solon Owners Fire Joe Orengo As Manager." Inside, the Sports Page carried the following story:

Solons Lose Last Three, Push Oaks to Pennant

(McClatchy Newspapers Service)

OAKLAND, Sept. 27.--The Sacramento Solons helped the Oaks win their first Pacific Coast League pennant in 21 years by losing all three of the weekend games here. The Oaks' margin of leadership over the San Francisco Seals at the finish was two full games.

Scoring a 10 to 8 victory in the opener yesterday clinched the flag for Manager Casey Stengel's charges. The Oaks came back to win the eight inning nightcap, 6 to 5, and take the final series, six games to one. A crown of 12,386 enjoyed every minute of yesterday's first game.

Jim Tobin, the fourth Oak hurler to see action, brought the long game to a close when he fielded Alex Kampouris' bunt and trotted to first base with the final putout. Before that the Oaks had been forced to come from behind three times. They won on two runs in the seventh.

The score was tied at 8 to 8 at the start of the seventh. Ken Holcombe, the third Solon chucker, gave a hit to Ralph Buxton. Eddie Samcoff ran for Buxton. Merrill Combs singled. George Metkovich also hit and Samcoff scored when Len Ratto threw the ball away. Nick Etten drove Combs home with th4e second run.

Sacramento rookie pitchers, Tom Rose and Glenn Lierman, lost the nightcap although they gave up but 10 hits between them while the Solons had 15 safe blows.

Rex Cecil was the loser of Saturday's game, 2 to 1, as Loyd Christopher and Etten hit homers. The Solons' one run came in the fifth when Ratto singled, stole second and crossed the plate on errors by Ernie Lombardi and Cookie Lavagetto.


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