Casey's Line-Up Card

Casey's Starting Line-Up

In his own handwriting, this is Casey Stengel's line up card for a game at the Oaks Ball Park, in Emeryville, in 1948. Left fielder Brooks Holder leads off. Looks like Casey had thought of placing his second place hitter Dario Lodigiani at second, where he had fielded so successfully before, but with newcomer Billy Martin in the lineup he decided to move Lodi to third. Center fielder George "Catfish" Metkovich batting third, and former Yankee first baseman Nick Etten in the cleanup position was a no-brainer for Ol' Case. Reliable Les Scarsella, batting in the fifth position, played right field, and shortstop Merrill Combs' sweet bat fit well in sixth place. The Perfessor obviously decided to let the kid bat seventh. Casey always batted his dependable catcher, Billy Raimondi, eighth; and today his starting pitcher was southpaw Earl Jones.

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